Sunday, December 27, 2015

Little Preachers

Among the greatest tools for spreading the gospel is the printed page. I praise God for organizations like The Gideons who distribute Bibles throughout the world. Sometimes I give away their New Testaments to people who don’t have a copy of God’s word. Other times I give out gospels of John produced by the Pocket Testament League.

Still, I believe the greatest evangelism tool is a simple gospel tract. This handy “little preacher” is able to do what many of us often fail or are unable to do. Consider the following advantages of using gospel tracts…
  • The gospel tract never stumbles over words or forgets important Scriptures.
  • The gospel tract can be given during extremely brief encounters (when making a purchase, passing someone on the street, etc.).
  • The gospel tract never gets sidetracked or caught up in an argument. It just gives the message of salvation, plainly and clearly.
  • The gospel tract is never intimidated or fearful.
  • The gospel tract is never tempted to compromise the message of Christ.
  • The gospel tract can wait on someone’s door until they get home.
  • The gospel tract can be left in public places and wait until someone’s curiosity causes them to pick it up and read it.
  • The gospel tract never gets tired and gives up.
  • The gospel tract never gets discouraged or disheartened.
  • The gospel tract is inexpensive to produce.
  • The gospel tract travels easily in letters, purses, and pockets as it goes into communities we could never personally reach. 
  • The gospel tract will speak over and over when read and reread, whereas our verbal witness is usually only heard one time. 
Adolf Hitler’s personal bodyguard came to Christ as a result of reading Dr. Ford Porter’s famous tract “God's Simple Plan of Salvation.” After Hitler’s death and Germany’s defeat in World War II, Kurt Wagner’s life was in shambles. Everything he had owned was gone. Everything he had believed in was destroyed. With his life ruined and his future bleak, Wagner wandered the streets of Frankfurt penniless, hungry, and downcast. With thoughts of ending his life ringing in his mind, he turned into a YMCA for a free meal.

Wagner sat down in a chair and happened to pick up Dr. Porter’s tract printed in the German language. As he read the tract over and over, deep conviction set in. Wagner sought out a godly pastor who then led him to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. His life was transformed and eventually became a pastor himself.

No doubt stories like this are more than we could ever document. Communists and cults are aware of the power of the printed page and use them to advance their poisonous ideas. 

It seems like such a simple thing to hand someone a gospel tract or leave one in a restroom, on a table, in a waiting room or phone booth. We will never know this side of heaven how God will use our efforts to get His word to lost sinners unless we step out. Only eternity will reveal the exact number of souls saved and lives impacted by these “little preachers.”

Prayerfully consider setting a goal to give out a certain amount of gospel tracts. It wouldn’t take much time and effort to give out at least three tracts a day. By consistently doing so, you would reach over a thousand people within a year. All of us can do that regardless of our age or background. 

The “little preacher” will remain faithful and true presenting the gospel beyond our circle of influence…but only if we give Him out and make Him available.

“How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher?” - Romans 10:14

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