Thursday, September 3, 2009

Should Christians Boycott?

Last night before going to bed, I was reading news headlines on the Internet and learned that the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream company was temporarily changing the name of their “Chubby Hubby” flavor to “Hubby Hubby” to commemorate same-sex marriage being legalized in their home state of Vermont. I was appalled but not totally surprised considering Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield have used company profits to support other ungodly causes such as abortion advocacy. Now I have another reason not to buy Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

Every Christian has had to decide whether or not to avoid purchasing certain products or services based on moral grounds. Years ago while I was a prayer meeting, one man there suggested boycotting Best Buy because the electronics company sponsored a rock music festival where Ozzy Osbourne was the headlining act. At first, I was in favor of the idea. But a few days later, I was praying when the Lord specifically told me to go to Best Buy. When I showed up at the store, I noticed a boom box that I wanted to buy was on sale. I purchased it immediately.

On the other hand, I made a personal decision to boycott AT&T initially because of them sticking me with a phone bill run up by an ex-roommate. Years later, I learned the communications giant sponsored the “Gay Games” and other homosexual causes. Since then I have continued shying away from doing business with AT&T. That's one reason why I haven't purchased an iPhone. However, there were a few instances when I bought AT&T long-distance calling cards because I needed one and didn’t have other choices at the store where I was shopping.

Some Christians refuse to patronize restaurants that serve alcoholic beverages. Certainly, I don’t agree with sowing money into the liquor industry. But one could still enjoy the food at such a restaurant and then minister to the waiter or waitress who served the meal. It’s not up to any individual to dictate where we should eat or not eat. Romans 14:3-4 says,
“Let not him who eats despise him who does not eat, and let not him who does not eat judge him who eats; for God has received him. Who are you to judge another’s servant?”

As a general rule, I believe Christians should not knowingly invest a large portion of their finances into companies that clearly have an anti-Christian agenda. Nevertheless, situations may arise when it’s impractical to totally boycott a business or service as previously cited in the AT&T example. Regarding any decision in life, always
“let the peace of God rule in your hearts.” (Colossians 3:15)

“Therefore, if you died with Christ from the basic principles of the world, why, as though living in the world, do you subject yourselves to regulations—‘Do not touch, do not taste, do not handle,’ which all concern things which perish with the using—according to the commandments and doctrines of men? These things indeed have an appearance of wisdom in self-imposed religion, false humility, and neglect.” - Colossians 2:20-23


  1. " It’s not up to any individual to dictate where we should eat or not eat."

    Live by it.

    And please, learn to love your neighbor--even the ones that happen to prefer a different sex.

  2. 1 Corinthians 5:11 says, "But now I have written to you not to keep company with anyone named a brother, who is SEXUALLY IMMORAL, or covetous, or an idolater, or a reviler, or a drunkard, or an extortioner—not even to eat with such a person." Certainly Christians are to love others. But at the same time, we are not to condone immoral lifestyles that clearly go against God's word (see Romans 1:18-32).