Monday, September 21, 2009

Holy Smoke Like Winston Should

Winston-Salem, North Carolina is perhaps best known for being a tobacco-producing center. This morning I got to lead four people to the Lord here. Ironically, the first two were smokers. After I got up out of bed, the people I stayed with offered to take me out for breakfast at Hardee’s. Shortly after I received my food, the employee who took my order went outside for a smoke break. I followed Frances and witnessed to her. Frances already knew the Lord and so I focused on ministering to another woman she had been talking to. Ann thought she was going to heaven because of being a good person. When I asked Ann if I could pray with her to receive salvation, Frances asked to join us even though she was saved. 

Just as I was leaving Hardee’s, I looked across the street and saw a McDonald’s employee cleaning the parking lot. I walked over there to witness to this young man. Nick was initially unsure of his eternal destiny. When I shared the gospel with Nick, he admitted he had done some “wicked things” lately but had been doing some soul-searching. I told Nick that his search was over and he found the Lord. 

Minutes later when I stopped at a bank in Winston-Salem, I ran into a man whose car was parked next to the one I was riding in. I handed Yuman a tract and asked him questions about his eternal destiny. Yumar initially thought he was going to heaven because of being a good person. Soon he realized he wasn’t but then prayed to get born again. 

Next, I rode to a car dealership where my driver needed to get an oil change. As we sat around in the break room, a man walked in with a cast on his finger. I asked Rodney about it and he told he had received stitches. I offered to pray for him to be healed but Rodney initially resisted. I told Rodney that God loved him and had an awesome plan for his life. Later as I led Rodney in the prayer of salvation, I encouraged him to say, “Heal my hand.” When I asked Rodney how his hand felt, he told me it was feeling better. The same Jesus that saves is still healing today!

"He sent His word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions." - Psalm 107:20

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