Sunday, March 24, 2019

One Bad Apple

Until someone gave me my first MacBook Pro in 2006, I was mainly a PC user. That was usually my only option when using a computer at the public library. Since then I’ve grown to appreciate Apple products. Currently, I’m on my third MacBook Pro. Last fall I purchased an iPad primarily for its extra features in GarageBand (which is used to create my music). I’ve also owned two iPods. Unfortunately, some issues have dampened my enthusiasm with Apple Inc.

Whenever possible I avoid doing business with companies that support abortion and the homosexual agenda. When Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007, AT&T (a longtime sponsor of the Gay Games) was the only long-distance carrier that worked with it. That plus not wanting to be locked into a contract discouraged me from getting an iPhone. The following year, Apple donated $100,000 to oppose Proposition 8 that defended traditional marriage in California. I didn’t know about this until two years later. After Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died, Tim Cook became their CEO and came out as gay.

Apple claims to be an equal opportunity employer that doesn’t discriminate on the basis of religion. Yet they have shown a double standard in this area. In 2010, the iPhone/iPad application for the Manhattan Declaration, a Christian organization promoting family values, was removed from the iTunes Store. This was the result of a small but very vocal protest by those favoring gay marriage and abortion. The Manhattan Declaration app was originally accepted by Apple and rated as “4+”, meaning it contained no objectionable material. Meanwhile, the iTunes Store continues to allow apps by Planned Parenthood and numerous homosexual dating sites.

The Manhattan Declaration stated the following on their website…

“We emphasize with great sincerity that ‘disagreement’ is not ‘gay-bashing.’ Anyone who takes the time to read the Manhattan Declaration can see that the language used to defend traditional marriage, the sanctity of human life, and religious liberty is civil, non-inflammatory, and respectful. The Manhattan Declaration clearly calls its signers to reject ‘disdainful condemnation’ of those who disagree and declares that all people are worthy of respect, because all are loved by God.”

Apple has continued this hypocrisy by removing the apps of other organizations helping homosexuals overcome same-sex attraction. Among them were the now-defunct Exodus International and most recently Living Hope Ministries.

Changes with how Apple computers are manufactured may eventually result in me shunning them completely. Earlier this month, my 2011 MacBook Pro stopped booting up properly. I brought it to a certified Apple technician who informed me his business has decreased. Newer MacBook Pros have parts soldered together as opposed to using screws, making the laptops more difficult to repair. I suspect this is to force people into buying new Macs more often. Older models can be repaired or refurbished for less money. Even that option may disappear if Apple continues a policy of planned obsolescence.

I pray God raises up people who will come up with better computers and other products so Christians won’t have to make buying decisions that conflict with their moral convictions.

“I wisdom dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions.” - Proverbs 8:12 (KJV)

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