Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Gospel Against Cars

Over the years I’ve heard some strange ideas promoted in the name of Christianity. Yesterday I saw what would have to be one of the most ludicrous. A Facebook friend who considers herself “an advocate for the homeless” made several posts preaching against cars. 

Yes, you read that right…cars! Here was one of her posts… 


Rather than ridicule this woman’s misguided theology, I tried reasoning with her. First, I wrote: “Satan built demonic kingdoms before cars existed” (such as Sodom and Gomorrah). 

Her response? “CARS EXCULATED [sic] things.. Christians do not RESIST.”

Then I pointed out most things are not evil in themselves but how they are used. A gun can be used to break the law or uphold the law. Money can be used to finance the spread of pornographic filth or print Bibles and gospel tracts plus send missionaries to foreign fields. Likewise, a car can be used by a terrorist to run over people or rush somebody to the hospital. What if this woman had a loved one who needed to go to the emergency room? Would she oppose using an ambulance or some other vehicle for that purpose? What about fire trucks? Her house could burn to the ground by maintaining this weird theology.

This woman replied with a paragraph that began, “I have heard that ignorant argument before.”

My “ignorant argument” was using common sense. The Internet has spread ungodly ideas faster and more widely than any invention in history. Yet she is using this technology to promote her beliefs. It’s also worth mentioning this woman preaches strongly against money. Yet the day before, she posted a financial appeal and previously sent me a private message that included a PayPal link. Isn't that being hypocritical?

While doing additional research, I came across a Facebook page representing “People Against Cars” (from which I copied the above photo). Although this group endorses public transportation as an alternative, they accuse car owners of being baby killers. I'm curious if these anti-car crusaders feel the same way about abortion.

The bottom line is modern technology will be used somehow…for good or for evil. Christians who refuse to embrace it allow the devil to gain greater influence in society. When television first came out, some religious folk called TV sets “one-eyed demons.” The programs then didn’t promote sin like they do today. Thankfully, multitudes have gotten saved through the gospel being preached over the airwaves.

Until the Lord returns, we will see more incredible inventions. I choose to utilize them in helping me fulfill the Great Commission.

“All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.” - John 1:3

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