Sunday, December 11, 2016

Hollywood and Islam

Mark Wahlberg recently suggested that “Hollywood bubble actors” stop talking about politics because “they’re pretty out of touch with the common person.” One actress who appears to be taking positive action on the latter is Sally Field. In an interview on Chelsea Handler’s Netflix show, the “real Momma Gump” announced she joined Twitter “in order to better understand how the American people could elect a man like Donald Trump.”

Ms. Field, I’d be happy to enlighten you on some things. First, this nation was founded as a Constitutional Republic…not a democracy as you and many Americans wrongly assume. I wish more celebrities who desire to use their fame for good have Judeo-Christian values like that of our Founding Fathers.

Moral reasons were given in a previous blog article as to why I vote Republican. Here I want to point out a key reason why Hillary Clinton would have been a bad president. The former Secretary of State talked of admitting 65,000 Syrian refugees (most if not all of them Muslim) into our country without examining their backgrounds. This would be a fivefold increase of the nearly 13,000 Syrian refugees already resettled across the nation this year. Although many Muslims are content to coexist with people who don’t share their religion, some take the Koran literally and wish to impose Sharia Law upon everybody else.

Ms. Field apparently forgot how living under the cloak of Islam can be a living hell. In her 1991 biopic “Not Without My Daughter”, Sally portrayed Betty Mahmoody, a Michigan woman who married an Iranian-born doctor that tricked her into moving to Iran. Dr. Mahmoody’s renewed commitment to Islam resulted in him controlling Betty’s life and regularly beating her before she and her daughter Mahtob were able to escape and return to the United States.

Ms. Field, would you invite rapists and murderers to stay in your home? If not, then why would you want our country to become like those in Europe that allowed larger numbers of Muslim immigrants? This has resulted in an increase in rapes and “honor killings.” The latter is already happening here in America. The Department of Justice reported there were 27 of them last year. 

Let me clarify I’m not labeling all Muslims rapists and murderers. I welcome those who want to legally immigrate to this country provided they adapt to our way of life and not try to force their customs upon the populace. Still, I advise all Americans to watch “Not Without My Daughter.” It shows how real Islam is not peaceful but a very intolerant religion.

I also read on Wikipedia that Sally Field is a strong supporter of LGBT rights because her youngest son is openly gay. As a Christian, I oppose homosexuality but don’t condone killing those who choose to live deviant lifestyles. Sadly that’s what happens in many Islamic nations.

Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees once told People magazine, “It’d be impossible to live here. Hollywood reminds me of a giant false religion.” I pray more celebrities and Muslims find truth not in religion but in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.’” - John 8:32

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