Sunday, March 8, 2015

How Much is a Soul Worth?

This past Wednesday night, I attended a service at Living Word Christian Center where evangelism pastor Nick Kinn was ministering. I consider Nick my mentor. During the mid-1990s, it was through him I learned how to be a soul winner. In recent years, I resumed evangelizing with Living Word and gained even more wisdom in sharing the gospel with people. As Proverbs 11:30 says, “...he who win souls is wise.”

One testimony Pastor Nick shared involved a time he went to Sam’s Club. As he was about to push his cart out the door, Nick suddenly had thoughts of getting a hot dog. He walked over to a counter and paid $1.61 for a hot dog and pop. Then in the dining area, Nick recognized a man he used to work with at the Post Office. They hadn’t seen each other for over 28 years. To make a long story short, Nick led Duane to the Lord. Afterward as Nick walked towards his car, the Holy Spirit asked him, “How much is a soul worth?”

Likewise, I’ve been prompted by the Lord to buy food at certain places where I ended up leading people to the Savior. This past Thursday I was on my way home and decided to stop at Wendy’s. There I bought two sandwiches totaling $2.34. Before leaving I witnessed to an employee sweeping the floor. Jesse wasn’t sure of his eternal destiny but believed the gospel. He thanked me after praying to receive salvation. As I was leaving, I thought of that question the Holy Spirit asked Nick Kinn, “How much is a soul worth?”

The next day during a road trip to North Dakota, my driver stopped at a convenience store in Freeport, Minnesota. I decided to go inside and get myself a cappuccino. Later I gave the cashier a gospel tract. Since there weren’t other customers in the store needing help, I continued witnessing to Kristin. Originally she was hoping to go to heaven. By the time other customers came in that needed attention, Kristin had thanked me after praying to receive salvation.

Ray Comfort recently wrote on his Facebook page, “I never go to a store to buy this life’s necessities. I go there to give out tracts, and while I’m there I buy stuff. Eternity first.” The next time the Lord prompts you to buy something, more than likely a divine appointment is being set up. Will you be ready?

“Be ready in season and out of season.” - 2 Timothy 4:2

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