Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Right Kind of Bait

Two years ago I started using million-dollar tracts after a fellow evangelist gave me some. These tracts look like real money but contain a gospel message printed on the back. I can honestly say they are effective conversation starters. 

Before receiving a recent order of million-dollar bills, I briefly used tracts that definitely looked like Christian literature. They had crosses and words such as “saved” clearly printed on the front. While many people still took these tracts, a large percentage didn’t. I believe some of the latter would have at least engaged in a conversation with me had I offered tracts that didn’t look so “religious.” Unlike most other tracts I’ve used in the past, people frequently walk up and ask me for a million-dollar bill. Often they will ask for another one to give to a friend.

Nevertheless, I’ve had Christians and non-Christians comment that using million-dollar tracts is deceptive because it’s not real money. I beg to differ. Evangelism is often called “fishing for men.” To catch a real fish, you don’t just place a hook in the water. You need to use some bait. Many fishermen use a device called a lure that resembles a worm or small fish. These fishermen don’t think they are being deceitful for using lures. They simply want to catch fish.

Very few people have complained to me about being “tricked” when offered million-dollar tracts. For one thing, there are no real million-dollar bills in circulation. I also tell people up front, “This is actually funny money but the back of it talks about something that’s real.” Then I ask, “Has anyone ever asked you ‘The Million Dollar Question?’” If the person is willing to continue talking with me, then I proceed with questions regarding their eternal destiny.  

One time while I was in New York City, a man approached me selling candy to support needy children. At the time I had no cash on me but gave Terrell a million-dollar tract. He prayed with me to receive salvation and now has riches in heaven as a child of God. 

When doing one-on-one street evangelism, the right kind of bait can make an eternal difference.

“Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.” – Matthew 4:19
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