Friday, September 19, 2008

Coming to the Cross @ Crossroads

Last Saturday afternoon, my friend Wendy went with me to Richmond, Virginia. There we met up with my friend Kirby at a coffee shop called Crossroads. Just before Kirby showed up, I went online with my laptop computer. A man sitting near me asked about the latest headlines involving Hurricane Ike, which hit Texas that day. This man later asked if was a body count. I responded by asking this man if he knew where he would spend eternity when his life ended. This man was a bit antagonistic towards Christianity and made a comment about millions of Chinese people not knowing the Lord. I responded by pointing out Wendy is Chinese and certainly a believer. It became a seed planting opportunity.

A short time later I witnessed to an African-American couple who sat by us. The man claimed to know the Lord but his girlfriend was uncertain of her eternal destiny. Shay prayed to get born again.

As Kirby, Wendy, and I were leaving the coffee shop, I saw two boys riding their bicycles in the parking lot. I handed the kids tracts as they rode by me and then stopped to read them. I approached the two to share the gospel with them. They both prayed to get saved. A few minutes later while Wendy, Kirby, and I talked some more in the parking lot; the two kids brought another boy on a bicycle to hear the Good News. He also prayed to receive salvation.

Praise God for four new believers!

"And believers were increasingly added to the Lord, multitudes of both men and women" - Acts 5:14

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  1. That is an amazing testimony. Thank you for sharing it. I enjoy watching your videos on youtube. I just saw John Crowder in one of your videos saying we drink the sap from the vine and fruit just happens, praise God that you are a big drinker and fruit is just happening. Jesus is the best. May God richly bless.