T. R. Post is an evangelist ordained by Christ Mandate for Missions. He has ministered to audiences both in the United States and overseas. If you are a pastor or ministry leader interested in having T. R. at your church, conference, or evangelistic event, please review the information below and then submit your invitation to trp at All inquiries will be prayerfully considered. T. R. will reply if interested and/or needs additional information. 

  • T. R. does not charge a set fee but requests permission to set up a table for the sale of ministry materials (books, CDs, etc.) and to receive an offering during each meeting. 
  • T. R. often spends afternoons doing one-on-one evangelism and welcomes other people joining him. Before group outreaches, T. R. will conduct a short teaching and prayer session.
  • Unless recording equipment is available through the church/host, T. R. records his own messages. He reserves the right to post them online and distribute copies at future meetings.
  • For events outside the United States, T. R. prefers staying in a non-smoking hotel room or a quiet home with the hosts providing meals, a private room, and Internet access. Unless he is already ministering in your area, the church/hosting group is responsible for covering travel expenses (including airfare) to and from the ministry destination.
  • If you want T. R. to minister virtually via the Internet, please include specific information such as the type of gathering (home Bible study, church meeting, conference, or crusade) and its purpose plus possible dates and times for your proposed event. The logistics and financing needed by the event organizer are their responsibility. 


Thank you for your heart for witnessing for Jesus so well and the thousands you have led to the Lord. We have known you a long time and believe in you!” Jorge Parrott, Ph.D., President of CMM and CMM College of Theology in Charlotte, North Carolina

“I've had T. R. speak at our church on several occasions. His knowledge of the word and reliance on the Spirit of God is exceptional. He is a lover of Jesus and a soul-winner." -  Al Best, Pastor of Light in Anoka in Anoka, Minnesota 

“If everybody was like him, a whole lot more people would be saved.” -  Bobby Hogan, Apostle/Pastor of Christ For The World in Fort Smith, Arkansas

“Thank you for your faithfulness! I'm really proud of you! Keep winning the lost!” - Nick Kinn, Evangelism Pastor of Living Word Christian Center in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota 

"Your relevant teaching and knowledge of scriptures truly blessed our congregation. You taught us how to be forthright with the gospel presentation, but not intimidating or intruding." - Ken Baker, Former Pastor at One God Ministry in Fairfax, Virginia

"T. R. gave training to our evangelism team and the fruit of his labor was evident through the souls won that day. I would recommend him to teach at any church and full-time ministry. He is sound in doctrine and is led by the Spirit of God with a boldness that can't be denied." - Cecil Woodside, Lighthouse Revival Center in Riverview, Florida

"T. R. Post is an evangelist who travels as a missionary all over the world. I met him at a pastor's luncheon that we did. He is very true to his call. He always sends us his newsletter and he is a great writer. He is real and very down to earth." - Mayra Leon, Jesus Cares Ministries in Brooksville, Florida

"Brother Post is a missionary having been in Germany and throughout the USA. He is greatly used in evangelism and has been an asset to us while serving in our church. You will be blessed in many ways." - Daniel Scalf, Itinerant Minister and Former Pastor of Atlanta Assembly of God in Atlanta, Illinois

"I know you are a very wise man. He who wins souls is wise." - Patricia Franklin Thomas, Faithworks Ministries in 
South Charleston, West Virginia 

"Thank you for witnessing and sharing the gospel in our city." - James Horvath, Senior Pastor of Calvary Lighthouse Church in Rochelle, Illinois

"I've been with T. R. ministering in the streets to all kinds of people. Not judging them for any reason whatsoever but just sharing and ministering to them wherever they are in life. T. R. is fulfilling the words of Jesus: 'Go into all the world and preach the gospel.'" - Rev. Joe Jackson, Pastor of Calvary Pentecostal Holiness Church in Belvidere, North Carolina

"T. R. has a deep love for the Lord that translates into a passion to see people know Jesus as Lord and Savior. If you invite him to labor with you, you will not be disappointed but blessed with someone who will bear good fruit for the Kingdom!" - Bob Kelley, Pastor of Banner of Love Ministries International in Carver, Massachusetts

"Thank you for allowing God to use you in such a mighty way so that many will have eternity with Jesus Christ. It brings tears to my eyes when I think about the reunions in Heaven because you obeyed Him."  - Jessica Cassista, Lighthouse Ministries in Lakeland, Florida